mercoledì 8 febbraio 2012

4ª Free Clinic

Just a few words.
Better the facts.
During the fourth sterilization campaign, from 11 to 22 January 2012, which was held in Santa Maria and Espargo, were performed 594 operations, of which 529 sterilizations. The other operations for removal of hernias, tumors, broken limbs, stranded and causing great pain. 260 females were sterilized. This number means avoiding more than 100,000 unwanted births in the next 3 years. But it also means dogs and cats calmer and healthier thanks to the free treatment against the most common infections. With the result achieved in a year and a half, of more than 1,500 dogs and cats sterilized and cared for, we have prevented approximately 320,000 new and unfortunately unwanted puppies come to increase the number of stray animals in the next 3 years. Sterilization is the only way to control the number of animals. Already today we can see this impact because the dogs who die by accident, because they get old or illness are not replaced by new animals and therefore the total number of strays is already decreasing. We hope that these results once again convince the authorities to support our work and to erase both the poisonings and the construction of a kennel where the dogs that walk down the street (remember that 80% of these dogs have owner) are collected and killed out of sight of tourists, as some hotels and restaurants of Santa Maria would like .... We promise to be back soon with more news, stay tuned here and on facebook and help, please, a few euros, the cost of a pizza, to save the life of a sweet dog, please do not forget them ...

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  1. Please everyone

    Send a donation today. I just did and will do it again next month.

    We need to support the amazing work these people do.

    Pauline Maclean